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Seeing that the centre could be a strategic place for a holiday (there are many studios and apartments here and outside the town)because the island is very large, I decided to leave the capital Argostoli. For example, to get from Skala to Fiskardo, you have to get to cross 80 miles of streets full of curves where you may find goats on your path. Yes goats! The island is full of them. I would like to give this advice to motorist, especially motorcyclist, do not speed!

If you have the opportunity when entering in Argostoli, pass by the bridge on the way will notice on one side a small pyramid behind the port and a lagoon on the other side. Here I have sometimes, come across the famous logger head turtle (Caretta Caretta).
In summer is often closed therefore vehicles are unable to circulate. Entering the city you will notice that many buildings have been built recently. In fact the hearth quake in 1953 destroyed all the houses. One of the main streets of Argostoly is Lithostroto, internally parallel to seafront where there are shops, bars and churches such as Saint Spirindono and also a tiny catholic church that on Sundays celebrates mass in Italian. At the end of the road, along Valianou street you will reach the square, full of locals tourist, but do not expect a lively style like Ibiza, as even in warmer months Cephalonia is quiet with a selected tourism. Another lively road is Adoni Tristi, the seafront, that from the bridge runs along the port of Argostoli, where you will find remarkable good restaurants and all kinds of shops. From the port you can embark on boats direction Lixuri. I strongly recommend going to the west side of the island because it is not expensive and also avoids travelling 20 miles.samiPort of Sami
At about half a mile from Argostoli there is a lighthouse near Katavotheres, which is a geological phenomenon, where the sea water disappears and reappears miles away in the caves of Melissani. Continuing to the left in the inner part a monument was erected in memory of the Italian soldiers that died in the second world war.
When you leave Argostoli , follow the route towards south and you will find a series of beaches such as Paliostafiba , Makris and Platis Jalos, all situated in the area of Lassi. My choice are Platis and Makis were the sand is fine and clear, transparent water and complete with all the mod cons.
They are also blue flag and like many beaches throughout Greece, they have free access, so what more can you want.
If you want access to Makris you cam park in a small pinewood nearby, if instead you want to go to Platis you could park on the main road in an adjacent open space or try to stop further down where parking space has been exrtended in recent years.
In the evening Lassi, can be fun with restaurants or bars with music full volume, but do not expect mega clubs, the djs are mostly amateurs. Continuing southword you will find the international airport in Livathos. Adjacent to this, there is, Minies beach wich is small and quiet, and I don’t like the quality of the sand, but obviously this is my opinion.
If you are looking for a fantastic beach in this area, I suggest Avithos Beach which is very clean and even this is blue flag. Towards the end where it is more rocky, there are often nudist groups. There is not much to say about the villages situated in Livathos. Spartia is a village certainly not invaded by mass tourism, with a large resort on the small beach of Klimatsia suited to those that enjoy complete peace an quietness. Laeving Spartia, the next stop is Pessada much more important for it’s port where ships leave for Zakyntos than for its coast. You will certainly appreciate peacefulness in these areas where it is difficult to find beach umbrellas crowds , boats and the sea is as transparent as spring water. When you arrive in Lourdata you will notice a different type of tourism with a lively beach which is rather crowded in the peak season. Along the pebbled beach you will also see a couple of characteristic Greek taverns where you can eat at reasonable prices. For several miles although the maps indicate beaches they are so microscopic or isolated without much to offer.The next step is Katelios , a fishing village, where the sand is not exceptional but considered a blue flag. On these beaches, turtles lay eggs quite often, but I have never had the pleasure of seeing one. I believe that whoever wishes to stay in Varvara, should deeply think about it (I do not remember seeing hotels). In Kaminia also none as Monda there is one of the most important beaches where turtles nest, situated on the west side of the island. The sand is very fine and slightly darker and not very crowded. This remote area of the island is preserved by laws for the protection of turtles: it is strictly forbidden even to walk on the beach at night or light bonfires. These laws have prevented the construction buildings along the coastline. Further up towards east the first town is Skala. It is not exceptional, there are just some restaurants and bars, the main thing that catches your eye is the beach. If you want to relax and spend the whole day tanning yourself playing with lifebuoys or personal watercrafts, you are in the right place. It is very quiet here in the evening, ideal for families and it is not difficult to find accommodation with a panoramic view. The road that leads to Skala Poros is full of pebbled Beaches, completely isolated and without mod cons, ideal for those who love solitude. Once in Poros, you will find a main street along the beach and a dense vegetation all around that covers the mountains. There is also a harbour with ships arriving at Kilini (greek peninsular). Poros is a town in constant expansion and probably will have much to offer in the future , but not considered one of the best places in Cephalonia at present. The journey coast to coast until now comes to a stop and continues internally because there is no road link that runs along the sea before Sami. Going along the main road leading to Tzanata Sami there are few villages , certainly not ideal for tourism. The development that has contaminated the coasts has not touched the inland dreams , in fact the time here seems to have come to a stand still.
An interesting place to visit is surely the caves in Drogarati near Haliotata, considered one of the most beautiful caves of the whole Greece . The visitor who goes there for the first time , will certainly be fascinated , it is about 21 yards high and full of stalactites and stalagmites.
Towards the eastern centre of the island , you will find the most important port were ships leave for Greece and Italy. In recent years it has experienced considerable publicity due to the film “captain Corelli’s mandolin “ filmed here. When you look at the houses , it is difficult to believe that this place was adapt for a movie set during the second world war , but the earthquake in 1953 destroyed almost the whole island.
I recommend stopping in Sami as it is geographical central and offers all the services needed to embark for Ithaca and you can obtain all the information required regarding the village festival. As I mentioned before, there is a lot to see in Sami , but the place I prefer most of all is the beach in Antisamos (the Captain’s beach). You get there coasting along 2.50 miles of road that begins where the port ends. In recent years , a wide area has been deforested to make more space for parking which is also free. On the beach you can hire beach umbrellas and sun beds. (if you want a Kefalonia meat pie or a spinach pie to bring on the beach, you can go to Tselenentis, a very good bakery near the port autority in Fiskardo)

fiskardo beach

Emblisi beach(Fiskardo)
I would like to give you three tips 1) do not go to the right of the beach too often as there are beds that may sting you , but don’t be alarmed 2)supply yourself with beach shoes as there are pebbles 3)a mask is compulsory if you want to admire the natural aquarium . As far as the beach is concerned there is also a nice trendy bar that plays music all day even after lunch.
Let’s get back on the road to discover all the beauties of cephalonia , it is so enotmous thata there is in no time to lose.
At about 2.50 miles from Sami you will find another cave , Melissani , which is located Karavomilos. For a few euros , some kind ferrymen will let you visit this cave which is partly under the ope sky and the salty turquoise water comes from the area of Katavotre in Argostoli. It will not take long , so if the sun is still high, I suggest you go to Agia Efimia has a beautiful bay and the village is situated on two roads along the border of the port. The first , Anast Vuoi , on one side , there is the beach and on the other side a number of shops and information centres. The second road on the right at the taxi depot is full of typical taverns and studios overlooking the sea and it is also the landing point fir pleasure boats. Towards the end of this road there are many good restaurants and chalet but nearby the road is in bad conditions and microscopic beaches where the sun goes down very soon. But the quality and the tranquillity of the place have turned it into a miniature paradise. The rest of the village does not offer much, but accommodation can be found in the internal roads and Agia is considered one of the best places for vacation.
Continuing towards north you will come across a series of small villages and towards the end you will find one of the most popular places on the island , Myrtos Beach. Which is situated in the district of Pylaros under Divarata. I suggest you take photos so check that your camara batteries are charged. This is one of the most beautiful places in Greece , you will be fascinated by the blue cobalt sea.Unfortunately tough it is exposed to the waves . There are also various sport facilities and chemical w.c’s.
Continuing our journey towards the north of the island you will see signposts indicating Assos and its castle. I suggest you visit the village and the tint pebble beach , but not the castle because the road is narrow overhanging and not asphalted. The castle has also been almost completely destroyed by the earthquake.
The following town is Fiskardo , spared by the earthquake and the beach is the most popular only for the elite. It is an important port for boats of a certain value and shops and restaurants thrive on the wealthy tourists that go there . It will only take a quarter of an hour to visit the centre of the town , concentrated mainly on the seafront. It is very peaceful and you can admire the luxury boats and excellent restaurants. If you want to take a dip in the sea (a must in Cephalonia ) go to Emblisi which is only a few miles away. It is a small bay surrounded by greenery and rocks. The beach is very little , there is someone who sells soft drinks only in the peck season. However you can admire the wonderful sea and enjoy the tranquillity.
Having illustrated most of the coast , we can now talk about the west area of the island , Paliky , and to do so we must leave from Agios Kiriakis , located further south from Myrtos. I certainly wouldn’t suggest it among the 10 places to visit in Cephalonia. I would stop further on the right and go to Atheras bay , which is a little way out , unknown to most people. It is ideal for those seeking absolute peace even in august. Do not expect a beach like Myrtos , but if you have plenty of time , it is worth dropping in. Continuing south on the other side (here you can listen to Italian radio stations) you will arrive on Petani beach. It does not have all the mod cons , therefore not very crowded. But it is such a picturesque spot with its blue sea and spectacular sunsets that it worth telling your friends when you return from your holydays.The next stop is Vatsa bay , not at well known , only visited by the local people and foreign tourists , because it is difficult to get there. I personally go there just to eat at Antonellos restaurant (it's a must!). I suggest continuing towards X, a beach out of the ordinary with red sand and natural clay that bathers spread on their body. Even I was curios and I must admit that the result was a dry skin for days , but despite this small incident , it is worth trying this experience. Boats Lourdas Beach
If you desire a quieter beach go to Lepeda in Lixouri , one of the most important in Cephalonia which also has red sand. However other beaches are accessible only by sea by hiking , especially in the north. If you are at present in Lixouri you can pop in one of the many taverns , go shopping or return to Argostoly by ferry. Take your pick and enjoy yourself.
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