Kefalonia history.

In 1809 the island began to develop gradually and this expansion was due to the british that hadsettled in Kefalonia in the mean time.assos castle
Until 1864 when it was finally rejoined to the greek mainland. The Italiand occupy the island in 1941 after the greek campaign. In 1943 with the armistice on the 8th of september, seeing thath the italian Garrison (enstablished by the Aqui division) had refused to surrender to the Germans, it is then attacked and defeated with the loss of about 3000 men over 5000 survivors were executed (14-22 september), known as the slaughter ok Kefalonia.The disastrous earthquake in 1953 inflicted a mortal tragedy in Kefalonia, forcing most of te inabitants to emigrate.





photos of kefalonia